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  1. Lighthouse score is in

    Lighthouse score is in

    A short story about displaying Lighthouse scores using Speedlify

  2. Shareable Configs

    Shareable Configs

    A story about creating shareable configurations for ESLint, stylelint, Jest preset and Browserlist

  3. Making of Six

    Making of Six

    This is a story about creating new theme "Six" for Sixty Six

  4. Eleventy with Rollup

    Eleventy with Rollup

    My favorite languages are HTML and CSS, but sometimes I do need JavaScript and when I do I use Rollup

  5. Money Blues

    Money Blues

    Virga is now used for my personal blog and Coil for experimenting web monetized standard

  6. How Would I Extend Virga?

    How Would I Extend Virga?

    Virga is a starter kit for who love to extend after all.

  7. Yet Another Post Example

    Yet Another Post Example

    Table, Video embed and other markdown enhancement

  8. Tools I used to build Virga

    Tools I used to build Virga

    Or I don't know how I make stuff without those great tools.

  9. TROCT CSS Architecture

    TROCT CSS Architecture

    TROCT is not even a word but this is how I apply ITCSS.